Put your oils where your mouth is

You know, when I get a single request for a type of blend, well, that’s fine.  But when I get several requests for the same thing within a week, I figure I had better figure out what’s going on.  So, what I have been requested for this past week is some sort of mouth wash or rinse to counter mouth sores aka herpes infection (which is not something I had much requests for before now.)  Then I remembered something from my days of working with anatomy and physiology lessons: that the mouth is actually the beginning of the digestive system.

This then led me to question my own reasoning when making up the mouth blends.  When we were all beginning to learn about the oils most of our instructors had us do some kind of rinse using either myrrh or tea tree.  And, for the vast majority of us, it wasn’t something we really enjoyed especially the after taste.  Heaven forbid that you had to try this out just prior to eating since everything then tasted rather unpleasant.  Sometimes we tried using peppermint essential oil to rinse with and, depending on how strong we made it, had a numb mouth and throat.  Now this is great if your throat is sore but otherwise not really that desired.  But I digress, when we create a mouth rinse or wash, shouldn’t we actually be treating the entire digestive system and not just the mouth?  After all, we learned that by the time an infection, be it viral or bacterial, shows up noticeably there already has been a war from within the gut and the good guys didn’t win.

Another thing that we have learned, yes I know you know this but I’m just reminding you since your brains are all so busy with everything else that they can’t possibly remember everything, unless a person is stressed out they won’t get sick or catch any nasty little bug.  Remember that?  Well, it appears that when treating the mouth sore or gum problem, the therapist has to address the whole stress reaction –  I had forgotten that detail. My bad.

Okay, so here’s a mouth rinse/wash blend that actually tastes quite good and I’m utilizing a  natural sweetener that creates an inhospitable environment for the bacteria that cause cavities as well as the one that creates strep throat.  The name of this fabulous product is: xylitol.  It’s made from fibrous tree bark, fruit and vegetables and is a complex carb with it being classed as an alcohol by chemistry.

Mix 4 tsp. natural sodium bicarbonate with 2 tsp citric acid, Once blended well, add:

  • Benzoin 2.5 ml
  • Aniseed 20 drops
  • Star Anise  10 drops
  • Clementine 20 drops
  • Spearmint 10 drops

Mix well then add 1/2 xylitol mixing well again.  Use 2 tsp. per litre of  purified water. I suggest that you keep this in the fridge since there isn’t any sort of preservatives in the water.  OR you can simply add a pinch / 1/8 tsp per 250 ml purified water and have that as your slosh for the day.  If you use this throughout the day, your breath will be fresher and your immunity to bugs much improved.  What I find handy is to make up a 250 ml container but with the 2 tsp of mix and then carry a 30 ml bottle of that in my purse for the day.  I put a generous squirt into my glass of water at the end of my meal or snack swish it in my mouth before swallowing. So, instead of mints at the end of my meal I have a drink that tastes almost like those ouzo candies the Greeks have – yum.