MS and other nasty destroyers

Funny how things work almost together but in a negative way.  This time of year, the weather swings between winter and spring.  The springlike days give us a bit of bubbly happy in our step but the winterlike days are downers.  This combination wreaks havoc on our immune systems with the alien, nasty viruses that show up.  Worse than that, tho, is the hit it makes on our stress factors.

When we look at the increased stress from the “who knows how we should dress today” weather to the typical I’m exhausted because my body doesn’t know if I’m to go back to hibernation for another several weeks and then the viruses that drag on and on.  Well, it’s no wonder that our hypothalamus sends out the seek and destroy message to the auto immune or leukocytes (white blood cells) whose main purpose is to protect or defend the body from antigens or invaders.  Problem is stress in’t an entity to seek and destroy. However, our white cell “police” have been told to attack something. So, they do.  In one type of attack, the leukocytes (or glial cells in the brain) attack the myelin surrounding the nerves, in particular, the motor nerves.  The effect is similar to getting the plastic insulation surrounding the wires in the walls of our houses.  Can we say “short circuit”?  In our houses, this causes a circuit breaker to kick off.  In our bodies, the electrical impulses can’t get through causing a disruption in function of our muscles.  Many times (but not always) there is pain caused by this electrical impulse disruption since they are of chemical type in our bodies and spill out into surrounding tissues.

Yeah, and then what? Well, depending on the stress responses, life and the person’s own emotional reactions to the hindered functions, the attacks can come and go until they kill the patient.  Not a great future.  And, as we all know, you can’t tell a person who’s looking at this future “just chill out and calm down”.  But, hey, remember what we as Aromatherapists are all about?  We specialize in countering stress – right or wrong?  Of course we do.  AND we stimulate the lymph aka the plasma that carries the lymphocytes or non auto immune.  These white cells are incapable of attacking ourselves – wrong programming or response by the auto immune.  The lymphocytes and the brain can bring the leukocytes or auto immune in control.

First step in treating any auto immune disorder, be it MS or lupus or diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, is to counter the stress surrounding the person.  Yes, we could tell them to do yoga and meditate and those will help.  Those things will take a fair while to really show their impact as those are more of a re-training lifestyles. What we must needs do is to change their mind’s response to what it considers stress or rather too much stress. Am I crazy talking? Hey, it’s fun to break the rules in a positive way. Something I have done to my dear mother and other symps whose bodies are out of their control is to make a strong blend using only psyches.  I think I’m up to 37 different psyche oils presently tho I think I only used 20.  I got stoned happy mixing the blend and decided it was a good thing I was only putting two drops of each since that’s about all I could count to. What those for whom I was blending felt: “Mmm that’s such a nice smelling blend. My goodness, people (or your father in the case of my mother) are so easy to deal with right now. Must be the weather! Oh, yes, my body doesn’t feel too bad either.”

For things like MS, lupus or fibro where the auto immune is chewing on muscle, liagments, nerves and such, I like to do a scrub using dead sea salt (it’s low in sodium and their bodies have too  much) – the friction from the salt stimulates lymph flow and balances neuron voltage which is critical to work on the areas of short circuit or trigger point attacks. Then follow with a lotion that has psyches but also lymphatic stimulants such as a citrus like orange along with benzoin or frankincense or linden blossom. You can add a middle note like rosewood (good recycling) to help balance chemistry. By the by, some of my blends won’t necessarily have a top note since the problem is a chronic one rather than acute when dealing with auto immune.

Bottom line, everyone should be using a daily stress blend to counter everything that’s hammering at them day and night.  In times gone by, everybody had the evening to do stuff at home without deadlines and the overload of information.  Remember how, the last time you took a holiday or break it took a week to finally relax?  And, sometimes, that was the end of the time off? What the blends are doing is helping the entire being recover from all the adrenaline surges and create recharge which, in turn, improves survival rates for all. You know, random acts of kindness allowed. hugs to all