Let’s talk about “his” down under

There are many, many things reminding women and their partners to check for lumps in their breasts and to get pap smears done and most of us try to take care of things in those areas.  Our doctors are becoming, for the most part, aware of the seriousness of what can happen when lumps and nodules go awry. But what about the guys and their lumps and bumps?  Whilst there aren’t as many men with “breast” cancer (10% of all cases are guys) and they most certainly won’t be showing up with ovarian or uterine or cervical cancers, they can have major problems with their prostate.

Up to very recently, prostate problems were regarded as old men’s issues and it was the unusual doctor that actually did an annual exam on a guy. Yes, they joke about farting and writing in the snow, but try to talk about the prostate or that area of a guy not working, well, whoa now, don’t be going there! Some nasty data is emerging about the average age of problems showing up.  Would you believe early 30’s? And as a female with a male in the house (not one of my cats they’re both girls), I know that he had quite a problem with getting his doctor to take things to the right end of the exam.  I figured his doctor was afraid of doing it because then he would have to get it done himself.

What can we as therapists do to help prevent problems from “arising” or showing up? Mind you, that is one of the problems insofar as, things don’t rise up the way they used to when the guys and body parts were younger. In our case (female that is) if we have a bladder problem, that’s pretty much all it is. You know bladder + kidneys = water works. For our males, well, they’ve got a gland that can (forgive the pun) screw things up. Just a side note, the female version of the prostate is called the skene’s gland but that’s for another time.

The prostate gland’s function is to secret a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance, which usually constitutes 20 – 30% of the volume of the semen. In human prostatic secretions, the protein content is less than 1% and includes enzymes and prostate-specific antigen but also zinc with a concentration of 500 – 1,000 times the concentration in blood. Normally, this glad is supposed to be about the size a walnut and should weigh in at about 11 grams.  The urethra runs through the prostate and gets checked out via a digital exam through the rectum. So, imagine what happens to the water works should this little gland swell. Decreased urine output with back up into the kidneys. But since it’s situated at the exit point of the digestive system, well, that gets into trouble also.  Mind you, in this case bigger isn’t better.

When the prostate gets enlarged, erections become unstable or not happening at all. Now, for us females, our body’s lack of response can be countered with lubrication or increased stimulation (decreased stress too).  To a guy, there is no denying when the penis isn’t responding.  Emotionally, this can be devastating to both parts of the couple. Outside of that impact,  the impact on the excretory systems can be disastrous, even life threatening. A visit to a doctor is recommended.  However, there are oils that can be a great help in getting things back in balance and working.  Bear in mind (or in body), the blends won’t/can’t do anything if the guys doesn’t use them more than once in a blue moon.  If he’s serious about getting things functioning better and ideally without surgery, he going to have to use the blends a couple of times a day probably for the rest of his life.  But it all comes down IF he uses the blends.

The blog for December 5th, 2011 has several good, tried and tested blends that you can down load for your references. The blends below are different again. I’m using major phyto hormones in these and, with the exception of the cookie blend, shouldn’t be used by females since studies have shown that the hops and the vitex will mess up female hormone balances. The rose oil which contains fairly high levels of phyto-estrogens is being used extensively in France in the treatment of prostate cancers.

guy blends