Kids are sick all winter long

Jennine: I have a question, my children are often sick (Sept to April) usualy, having problem with ear pain, and bronchitis, sinus,what do you recommend? I am presently using Raversara, Inul, Myrtle, Eucalyptus Radiata, Rosewood, Poplar (I am switching some time off oils) I use them directly on body with vegetable oils and also as suppo one a day –  thanks ~ mom therapist

Well mom therapist: Just to help other therapists, these kids are all under teens. First off,  a blend that helps boost their overall immunity and counter stress from life, try using a daily blend on the kids under their jaw and on their cheeks such as (120 ml lotion) poplar 16 drops, benzoin 16 drops, rosewood 24 drops and orange 32 drops. I would smooth a small amount on just before putting them to bed.  You could actually do this after breakfast also so that they start their day with re-enforcement for their immune systems.

Something else I’ve found helpful for myself is to put two or three drops of black spruce on the pillow before I get into bed.  You should allow a few minutes from the time of dripping the essential oil before putting their heads on the pillow just to make sure that they don’t come into direct skin contact with the spruce on the pillow.

Now medical researchers insist that we basically have to experience all 100 or so of the different cold viruses. However, according to researchers, every 10 years the influenza virus (and most of the others) go through a dramatic mutation.  Oh, just to be totally non-encouraging and frustrating, there have been over 2,000 different plant, animal and bacterial viruses (these are viruses that actually live on bacteria) discovered since 1955.  Personally, I have no wish for kids (or anyone else for that matter) to have to experience all those beasts.  So let’s examine how and why our bodies allow those beastly bugs in.

Your head aches, and so does every muscle in your body. You’re cold one minute and hot the next. Your throat is scratchy and you’re starting to cough. You might be coming down with the flu aka influenza. So, you (or someone else perhaps) sneeze or cough and, unless your face is totally covered, there is a diffusion or spreading of minuscule droplets into the air around you. The droplets of the “right” size (thought to be about 1.5 micrometers in diameter) remain airborne and are breathed into the nose or lungs of the next victim. Situations in which people are crowded together are more common in cold or wet weather –and so perhaps this contributes to spreading the flu at these times. It is interesting that in equatorial countries, flu occurs throughout the year, but is highest in the monsoon or rainy season.  Mind you, the proper cough etiquette really helps.  You know, coughing onto your sleeve instead of covering your mouth with your hand since the sleeve fabric will trap more of the evil droplets.

With that in mind, a light misting of an anti-viral blend such as laurel, myrtle and frankincense would be helpful.  Suggestion: in container 1/4 tsp. citric acid, 1/2 tsp. baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate) laurel 8 drops, myrtle 8 drops, frankincense 4 drops and orange 8 drops (this helps with the stress).  Mix well and pour into a spray bottle 120 ml size, then add purified water gradually allowing the foaming action to disperse before topping up. Mist this lightly across face (eyes closed please), shirt and jacket (if wearing one).  If a scarf is going to be used, I’d suggest a light misting on that too.  Be aware that if it’s horribly cold and nasty outside, let this dry a bit before going out.