It’s painful to be alive

“Hello, I was given your name and told you made some creams and oils for pain. I’m looking for something for fibermyalgya and roomatoyd arthritic is that something you do. Let me know thanks. Mr. J”

“Hello again. It’s for wife. What is it called!! There are some oils she is already using. I’d pick up in surrey if we are going to purchase how ever need to know just what it is as she is allergic to a lot of things. Not looking for the receipt but if it’s grape seed and lavender marjoram rosemary peppermint eucalyptus and a couple of others we’ve tried that combo with no effect.   thanks Mr. J”

That’s a couple of emails I had from this Mr. J (his name is not being used in order to protect their confidentiality and not embarrass the therapists he’s been dealing with).  His wife has, as you noticed, fibro and rheumatoid arthritis.  HOWEVER, she used to get migraines and both her appetite and bowel functions change under stress.  For some of you, the oils he refers to would not be appropriate for his wife since they are sympathetic or adrenal stimulants and his wife is a sympathetic dominant nervous system.  Everyone has to learn the difference between the two systems in their anatomy and physiology parts of most courses.

One of my best loved pain blends (which Mr. J heard about from a friend who has now gotten them from me) is as follows: equal parts of nutmeg, linden blossom, poplar, neroli and hyacinth.  There are three para oils, one adaptable and one psyche.  If I felt or knew that the pain is psychosomatic (as is the case of Mr. J’s wife) I will add another psyche or two such as narcissus and lotus. Just a gentle reminder that anything that is regarded as a stress or auto immune disorder is actually psychosomatic or brain generated on the body.

It is used in two ways: one is a 10ml neat in a glass roller bottle and its companion is in a lotion at 10% concentration (in other words 10 ml in 120 ml lotion).  The people use these two in combination instead of using tylenol 3’s or worse.  Because it’s stimulating the parasympathetic part of the nervous system, it actually is countering the stress responses.  How well does it work?  In most cases, after the first couple of days, people are using the lotion throughout the day and the neat one at night or in the middle of the night when pain wakes them.  The oils I chose also assist in calming the voltage being given off by the pain nerves, at least, that’s what the studies out of the Mayo clinic and Europe are saying.

For some therapists, the idea of using the oils neat on anyone with the exception of lavender is totally contrary to what you’ve been taught.  However, given the choice between helping a person deal with severe pain using oils which have wonderful side effects vs using some pharmaceuticals with disastrous side effects – what choice?  In the UK where much Aromatherapy teaching started, the therapists aren’t allowed to treat.  Here in Canada, many of those in the medical community expect us to be treating especially since the Natural Health Products Directorate got in place which puts our stuff as a form of medicine, thank goodness.