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I got introduced to the amazing world of Aromatherapy in the fall of 1993 and loved how essential oils allow a person to take a semblance of charge of their health.  Having used, as we all did, things for colds which had essential oils, this stuff really made sense or scents if you like.  These powerful plant extracts are worthy of our respect but also can give us the fun back into life.  I love to help others solve or work with health challenges, so please ask and let’s see what can happen in a positive, scentsible way.

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  1. Wow Jennine, I love tis blog, cant wait to see more! thanks for all the god you are giving! 🙂 take care and can wait to read you soon! Isabelle in QC

  2. Jennine, this is just GREAT. I remember being in your classes and wanted to take notes with everything you said,
    you have such a unique connection with ess. oils and knowledge of anatomy/physiology and the way you put
    together the ess. oils is fabulous. I am looking forward to MORE writings by you, and more recipies.. Alana, NM

  3. He Jennine, you have giving us so much so far and I still need your help. As you know, QC is very cold and when we say cold, we are taking childreen geting seek (and I want to say big boy childreen too he he he) – you have giving us in your cours 2 good blend for sore trought and colds,, witch are working find. do you have sugestion for daycare virus? – my childreen are bring home verious virus,, just this week the had fever for about 48 hours with sore trought and it was gone,, what do you sugess as ess. oils to prevent this so I could spray that in the daycare and put somme on my childreen to prevent all this lettle bug’s… Thanks,,
    Isabelle in QC

  4. Who are some aromatherapists in Alberta? I know a few people who are in desperate need of some blends!! 🙂

  5. Gloria:
    Depending on where in Alberta you are, I have addresses and phone numbers from Devon, Edson and Grande Prairie. There are those in the Southern area such as Calgary but I don’t know what and how they blend like since I haven’t taught them.

  6. Hi Jennine, I hope you are taking care of you self, I was warried about you, see life told you to relaxe, too bad you have to have that accident. (please do not be hard on me, I am French and it is sometime hard to expresse my self in¸ENglish).. I am shour that your husband is taking good care of you during that hard time. take your time to recover you leg will need it! love and hugs, Isabelle in QC

  7. Thanks Jennine, for the blend recepises,,,, I will let you know how it works for my friend, Isabelle in QC

  8. Massageworksbooking

    Hi Gloria,

    Are you looking for someone closer to you? My name is Faye Parenteau, I live in Edmonton. I have about 3 – 4 years experience with the oils. Amy is more qualified, but if you want to contact me, my email is [email protected]

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