Super foods can create super problems.

Dear Jennine,
A strange reaction was created when I took a “super food” supplement. I felt a shock go through my whole body. I stopped taking it after 2 days.Then my back had heat flashes (adrenals). When this stopped I woke up one morning with numbness in arms/hands. It quickly gravitated to just the hands. After 2+ months only the hands ache, and several fingertips are numb. Hands are somewhat swollen at the nuckles. A Naturopath has me taking large amounts of minerals. An MD found I have low Thyroid. So these treatments are in progress. For the aching from swelling: I have put Laurel Leaf on bottoms of feet at night, and Laurel Leaf and Cornmint on the back of hands. I was also using Birch but it gave me a headache. (Perhaps the oil was too old? I have some oils for 10 years.) What is your suggestion for the swelling? My feeling is the Hypothalamus was triggered from the “super food” supplement then these other symptoms started. I think the health practitioners I went to discounted the onset of the symptoms (taking the superfood_).
Thank you for your response!


Well, Alana and anyone else that has had this weird/bizarre reaction to a “super food” supplement, here’s the solution that I have had to use on the many, many persons who have experienced similar reactions.  What most of these super foods contain are things that are adrenal stimulants, hence, the energy they promise.  Unfortunately for you, you aren’t one of the parasympathetic dominant nervous system types that those energy things are geared for.  One end result of taking stuff to super charge the adrenals (which are responsible for the energy levels) is that some other part of your endrocrine system going to crash.  One of those laws of physics or something.  You know, if something over functions something else has to under function.

So, how to counter?  Not birch, please, since it contains a high level of something called methyl salicylate which smells like wintergreen (an excellent pain killer) and is cumulative   BUT has a shown to be a carcinogen. (It’s actually very similar in structure to aluminum and we all know how that can screw things up).  For symps (or sympathetic dominant nervous systems, those who react at the gut level to stress), best bets would be to use some oils that calm that stress or adrenal response.  Oils like orange, thyme, benzoin and neroli are parasympathetic stimulants and would do a wonderous job of settling down the body and getting everything back to homeostasis.  Suggestion as to the ratio?  I’m thinking orange 20 drops, thyme 20 drops, benzoin and neroli each 12 drops in 60 ml (2 oz) lotion and apply across front and back of the abdomen at least 3 times per day or more.  You could also put a small dab on the base of the throat to help stabilize the thyroid but it will, all by itself, get the message once the adrenals and kidneys settle down.

Meanwhile, to settle the fluids that showed up in the hands and feet, depending on how bad it is, the benzoin will start that happening. Or, depending on the severity of the problem, drop the thyme from the above blend and put in cypress 15 drops instead. You could add some happy oils like osmanthus, nightqueen, cocoa or almond (or all of them since they psyches and won’t really do anything to the body but will definitely help the brain deal with the stress of the upset).