Stressful times need happy oils.

As we get into the darkest days (shortest also) of the year and there are myriads and myriads of parties have you noticed how there are myriads and myriads of viral type bugs that are getting everybody?!  Could be because: a) too much partying (say what?), b) too much damp nasty weather (love the cold), c) too many presents to buy (I love presents don’t you), d) not enough money to do everything we want (but why can’t I have that too) OR  is it all of the above (hmmm, could be!)  So, without further ado, I shall show you what I’l doing to help out.  Yes, this is going to mean I gets yelled at from my kid cuz he’s says the Scents web page shall be up and running in the new year,  but, oh, well.

I have decided to offer for the month of December, a group of oils that will counter the bugs and the stress responses that we get at this time of year.  This is also in response to requests from a number of you. These are two oil kits are virus busters extrordinaire as well as de-stressors.

This blend smells like cookies and evergreens which are wonderful smells in the middle of winter – sweet orange 10ml + black spruce 10 ml  +  silver fir 10 ml  +  clove bud 5 ml  +  tonka bean 5 ml  = 50.57 (normally)


This one contains all the delightful evergreens that were freguently brought into houses in the winter sometimes as decorations, sometimes to burn, sometimes for both – black spruce 10 ml  +  douglas fir 10 ml  +  silver fir 10 ml  +  juniper 5 ml   = $51.94  (normally)

Both are powerful disinfectants and good lymphatic tonics.  However, for this month, I’m reducing the price of the combinations by $10.00 which is like getting the silver fir for free.  If you want to get them both,  I’ll throw in a pound of dead sea salt as well since that helps take the toxins and fluids out.

have fun and live long