Shingles (not the roofing kind) spread easier than colds.

It appears that many persons still think of shingles which is of the herpes family isn’t contagious. Unfortunately for many, many of our adults, especially those over 60, are so very stressed that they are now getting this downright nasty bug. With normal medical treatment, once attacked always gonna have it.

According to our case studies, and input from clients’ doctors, a good essential oil blend will eradicate the residual bug out of the body and ensure that it stays gone never to surface again. Good news for the sufferers and their families.

Our best one is as follows:

  • Melissa 20 drops
  • Eucalyptus Smithii 30 drops
  • Ravensara Aromatica 30 drops
  • Turmeric 20 drops; poplar 30 drops
  • Lotus 10 drops
  • Nightqueen 10 drops
  • Osmanthus 20 drops
  • Almond 10 drops

in 250 ml (1 cup) non petroleum based lotion.

A small amount is to be used across affected area 3 – 4 times per day. Can be used more often if inflamed area is driving the person crazy. Please note the kind of Eucalyptus I am using. This one is safe for all types of persons since it lacks the ketones which make it harmful. The Lotus, Nightqueen, Almond and Osmanthus are added to main medicinal blend to counter stress responses and improve the smell.  Use all up even though after a few days blisters are gone. Oh, by the by, this is a good one to use on kids going back to school once per day to help their immune systems and the wide variety of airborne beasts going around or for chicken pox.

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