Poor male/me syndrome aka male menopause

If you live in the USA and anywhere near a guy(s) of the age of 35 to 55, the hassles you are experiencing with him has nothing to do with any hormonal change but must be your fault.  If you live anywhere else with this guy(s), welcome to the world of andropause or male menopause and there is medical help along with government associations for his problems.

But, that’s what this post is all about.  Sorry, not a post about all the blah blah blahs, but rather how to do some fixing so’s you all survive.  I gave a presentation and published a paper on this back in 2005 originally and have decided that’s it high time to help educate more survivors-to-be.

According to all medical journals, all humans go through a chemistry change starting at age 35 with a finish point of about 55 plus or minus a year.  Stress disorders such as thinning of hair, decrease of libido (must be our fault), increasing waistline (or is it that their chest is slipping), diminishing muscle mass BUT also the moodiness, lack of self worth and downright orneriousness and hard to pleaseness.  Attention to football and wrestling/boxing or cars rates right up there with importance.  Any of this stuff sound familiar?

One guy asked for “a blend to help get the little guy interested again.”  Say what? Oy vey, the things a therapist gets asked for.  Another one: “how come my wife seems to be nagging me more lately?”  How about: “my stupid teenagers are driving me crazy!”

So, in the following post will be some blend recipes that have worked on our clients and will work on your guy(s) surrounding you be they your dad, husband, life partner, sons, workers etc.  One suggestion before we get started, though, try to get them to back off on black licorice since it drops the testosterone.

Next change of life is at about 65 and, no, they haven’t given a name for it.  This is a time of slow growing cancers of the prostate, throat and lungs.  Almost as if their life is now catching up and getting even with them.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why guys usually retire at that age.  Emotions tend to be more to the insecure, panicked as to how they got this age and now what do they do, nobody knows what it’s like to be this age, why doesn’t my wife want to tell me exactly what she’s doing and don’t give me a list of things to do because I don’t want to can’t make me.  I’ll deal with those in another article.

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