Nothing rhymes with orange

When I go to my box of essential oils and need something for reassuring or comfort, it’s kind of toss up between Orange and Benzoin.  Don’t particularly care for orange juice or oranges themselves unless their tree ripened.  But, you know, there’s just something soothing and nice about the scent of this fruit. (I’ll deal with the Benzoin another time.) Granted there are those who are severely allergic to this citrus but those are, fortunately, in the minority.

Did you know that this very common oil is an incredible pain killer aka analgesic?  Due to the high limonene content commonly found in this orange colored oil, it can have quite an impact on both acute and chronic pain.  It also has a wonderful anti-depressant action which is helpful since very often persons suffering from pain may be actually suffering from a form of depression.

Mommies-to-be with upset tummies and back pain, mommies in labor, tired mommies, colicky, cranky babies, growing pains, etc., all basic challenges which benefit from the use of orange oil topically applied but also just a few drops on a plant or mat to have in the air. Tired monstrous kidlets, tweenagers, teenagers, and husbands suffering from “poor me syndrome” all get a change of mindset with the plants getting some orange essential oil on their soil (even if the plants are silk or polyester).  The airborne application doesn’t have a negative hit on those with allergies, by the by.  Oh, and another thing to think about, orange helps the liver and digestive system function better.


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