It’s that time of the year, again!

Well, we’ve finished with most of the winter festivals and celebrations and darkest time of the year.  And, for some, January becomes a dreaded month.  One of bills for presents, cool clothing, winter coats, entertaining and finally, the bills for the cold and flu medications.  Downright nasty stuff.

Norwalk virus surrounded by blood cells

Ever noticed how that latter part is true.  Everybody seems to get sick in this month.  And, the bugs seem to hit harder than normal.  Notice, please, I said that everybody seems to get sick.  We can blame it on the weather (why not?), the lack of daylight (my light bills are higher), the stress from the bills (aren’t you glad you aren’t a postie?) BUT  maybe, just maybe it’s all those and more.  Yeah, so, then what?

A couple of years back I decided to play with the whole stress response by using a whole lot of psyche oils.  Now these are oils that are generally regarded by the German E Commission as not really therapeutic. Meaning that they don’t have a direct impact on the chemistry of the body the way that, say, eucalyptus or frankincense do.  However, they do hit the brain and the dopamine levels.  Translate that to mean: they’re happy happy stuff and are capable of changing our mind.  Scary stuff, right? Nah, not really.

An example of a psyche oil is hyacinth.  Most delightful.  A light hearted floral that is very uplighting and, potentially, capable of taking you loopy.  Another couple are honeysuckle and osmanthus – both florals that are happifying and calming.  And the point of these is? By using them along with some anti-virals such as laurel, poplar and himalayan cedar a person’s immune system will be able to almost completely beat away any viral invaders.  For the kids as well as the adults, that combo seems to make everybody almost, dare I say it, immune to the typical viruses that go around.  In some cases, my clients chose to just go with a blend of all psyches, adding some oakmoss and tonka bean for the guys.  The end result was that none of those using the latte blend got sick.  Yet, all we went after was the brain and the dopamine gates which control the stress responses.