I need your help

Every year for the past 18 years (the amount of time I’ve been in the Aromatherapy world) I have looked for a daytimer/calender that has room for me to note appointments or visit times but also has pictures of our delightfully scented world. Granted, there are calendars with pictures of roses, Grasse with its gardens and fields, English country gardens and so on.  You all have seen them BUT nice as they are … they just don’t reflect our special world.

So, here’s where you are needed.  Whilst I have been gradually collecting pictures of smelly things as I travel.  I’m a whole group of 1 with, usually, 1 camera.  But if I was to look at the number of grads that I have taught and the friends that I’ve helped with health issues, I now have hundreds of cameras and input.  Of course, there are myriads of others out there who I do not personally know but also love the same smelly world.  Can you help me?  Most pictures get onto your computer as jpegs which are the easiest to size.  Oh, yeah, no naughty pictures please.

What things are lovely smells to you?  Right now we’re at the point of year that the leaves are turning color and, hmm, things smell differently than they did in the middle of summer.  Notice my new header picture.  Can you smell it? Can you feel it?  Sometimes there isn’t any one scent that is dominant but rather the whole synergy is just a wonderful feeling.  Isn’t that what Aromatherapy all about?  For instance, remember what snow smells like?  Those dark grey white clouds and your nose smells what? Snow.  The eastern seaboard just got that smell.  Got a picture? Send it along with a small description and your name please.

What I have almost completely formatted is a daytimer/calendar which shows a week at a time for 2012.  I like having my book with a coiled binding since it can be easily left open to where I’m looking at right now.  Realize that this isn’t going to be one of those books that allows you to schedule every minute of every hour of every day.  That will take a bit more work if the demand is there.