How about hand sanitizers?

“Why do I have to put that stuff on my hands all the time? I already wiped my hands on my pants!” grumps a kid to his mom after he sneezes into his hands and threatens to wipe the goop on his sister.  “It stinks!”

Answer: “It’ll keep the germs away?”  Depending on who answers whether that one will the one heard.  If it’s his sister, then, hey, he’s a boy and he is one big walking germ.  If it’s his mother, probably the first answer.  Reality is the hand sanitizer may or may not work.  The alcohol is the primary germ killer in those things but that only kills some things but not others.  Furthermore, it can actually cause more problems by killing the beneficials we have on our skin.

Recipe time then, but first, any precautions?  Nope, I chose these oils for safety, effectiveness, nice smell and their happifying actions. The blend can be used by anyone, be they little kidlets, pregnant mommies to be or older more fragile persons.

  • LITSEA CUBEBA        20 drops
  • SPEARMINT                  2 drops
  • SILVER FIR                 10 drops

Put all of these into 250 ml or 1 cup of a non-petroleum based gel such as a seaweed one or an aloe gel.  Then put this into small little squeeze bottles that everyone can pack around in their pockets.  The Litsea and the Fir are major anti-virals as well as anti-histamines and anti-fungals.  I’ve added the Spearmint just for the fresh scent.  

Even though the Litsea has a lemon/citrus scent, it isn’t one and therefore won’t cause problems with those that have allergies to citrus.  The Spearmint is gentle enough not to cause problems for those usages in the evening, mind you, please note that there are ONLY 2 drops.  

Some have found that by having this in a pump bottle in the bathroom, the kids will use it in place of washing hands.  This does a fabulous job of disinfecting  but won’t get the dirt off.  Meanwhile, hey, at least some of the stuff gets done.

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