Calcium helps minimize wrinkles.

A couple of years back, one of my grads challenged me to create some sort of cream that would minimize the appearance of lines and shadows for her to use under her makeup.

Well, of course, I had to create something that would not just hide things but help the skin itself.  I had already discovered that when a person doesn’t put any petroleum derivatives in a product, you can get a lot of things to absorb into the body.

Goodness, we all know how sick we feel when we get gasoline on our hands pumping our own gas.  So, why would we put that stuff in a deodorized form on our faces with the delicate, thin skin.  Ewww, just shoot us!

Well, after quite a bit going down the drain due to funny colored molds and fungi, a formula that worked, soaked in and got incredible results was finally put into jars along with cell regenerating essential oils which assist in the absorption of the calcium and magnesium citrates.  Did not know prior to figuring this stuff out that calcium is not just good for bones and necessary for our electronics in our brains but also for the skin’s elasticity and flexibility.

So, the magical stuff is called Divinely Smooth Skin.  Dominant aroma or scent is some delicious light hearted Chinese Magnolia.  But, of course, since I refuse to put any synthetic anything into my potions and lotions, the fragrance doesn’t compete with your favorite scent or perfume.

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