Jennine Stromkins

Jennine has been an Aromatherapist since 1994 but using alternative health products all her life. She feels that Aromatherapy is a way for people to take some control of their stress responses. She never has had to think outside the box because she was never put into one.

I need your help

Every year for the past 18 years (the amount of time I’ve been in the Aromatherapy world) I have looked for a daytimer/calender that has room for me to note appointments or visit times but also has pictures of our delightfully scented world. Granted, there are calendars with pictures of roses, Grasse with its gardens …

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Shingles (not the roofing kind) spread easier than colds.

It appears that many persons still think of shingles which is of the herpes family isn’t contagious. Unfortunately for many, many of our adults, especially those over 60, are so very stressed that they are now getting this downright nasty bug. With normal medical treatment, once attacked always gonna have it. According to our case …

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